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Who are we?

Well, it is really a long story, but to make a long story short, as they say, here it goes: Come2Bet.com was created to bring good and accurate predictions to the world of football betting. Our crew studied football teams thoroughly throughout the season. That’s why in the beginning you did not see predictions of all the matches and leagues available but only about the ones that we believed that were money in the bank.

This is how we started, but it was just three of us and an Italian part-time guy, Antonio, who we greatly thank, and there was so much analysis we could all write. That's why we began the Tipster Competition. And as with all good ideas the benefits were many. For the tipsters, for us and for you the visitor. Now you can find a match analysis for almost every league and every match in the World here at come2bet.

We are open to discuss any ideas that you may have for:

  • The improvement of our site

  • Mutually beneficial cooperation with other sites

  • The Greater Good

  • And/or World Domination! :-)

So if you have one or more of the above in mind, do drop us a line at info@come2bet.com

Kind Regards,


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Come2Bet is the pioneer in football (soccer) betting competitions on the Internet. It is one of the first websites, if not the first, that managed to create a live tipster community. It is our intention to continue towards this effort. At come2bet you can find football (soccer) match analysis, betting picks and tips, league information, tools, odds comparison, tables, stats, league information for 600 football leagues, team information, team comparisons, tipster competitions and more… Football – soccer predictions, picks, tips and hints, forums and other ways of communicating with top tipsters. We also feature a constantly increasing in number directory with hundreds of soccer related sites. Send us your comments to improve come2bet at info@come2bet.com

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